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scene from the walking dead

Walking dead fan?

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This page is dedicated to all the walking dead related topics, opinions and thoughts. If you like the walking dead you will love reading through this site and what it has to offer.

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The beauty of season one


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scene from the walking dead

wanna check tier lists?

lets get reading then..!

You may like the tier lists. It ranks characters, volumes and episodes(including telltale game). You might like what i have to say and show, or maybe you don't... whatever it is i hope this page is a fun read!

scene from the walking dead

wanna get started on the walking dead?

lets get you started... this may or may not be helpful.

I personally do not think it is super bad to start in a random order, but if you seem to be interested in the orginal source material i reccommend Robert Kirkmans comic book by the same name, which you can read online. If you want to start with the TV series you should start with season one of the orginal series