Cookie and Banana

"All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies, and whenever they catch you,they will kill you." - Richard Adams watership down

Recently my 2 pet rabbits had passed away (March 13th) it was very sudden and very upsetting for me as they helped ma a lot in terms of overcoming social anxiety and helping me cope with self harm adictions. They ment a lot to me and I mean a lot. I felt as though it was my fault they passed away so suddenly. But it really wasn't my fault and it was out of my reach. I truely loved their company and I loved how polite and well behaved they were. I am still thinking about how sudden it was. It reminded me of how my father passed away and how my grandfather passed away, I just woke up and cookie died. I then had to deal with Banana dying in my arms. I really tried to help him as much as i could. He was still so, so young and I really wanted him to live and not die. All I can do now is try to move past this in a healthy manor and a way where I can deal with the hurt that comes with having pets, i saw them as more than pets to be honest. And saw them as sort of like family to me. They died during a time where I could no longer afford so much food too and money was starting to get more and more tight. What horrible and rough month. Just weeks ago i was talking about how much I loved them and how much i wanted to make sure they would be okay and skipped my school lunches to go and see them to make sure they were okay. I wish them well now and I hope they sleep nicely in a "rabbit heaven". I hope they get to gallop gracefully now.

I learned a lot from cookie and banana. I learned how to take care of them and learned what their personalitys were. Sometimes rabbits are neglected easy and often times are abandonded due to their high care. They are similar in nature to a dog or a cat or any other small pet aside from cats and dogs, you gotta take them outside or let them outside for hours, you need to check on their mental health, check on hygene. My rabbits on the outside were healthy and seemed happy, It really hurt me that it was such a short time with them and that I had not made my plans with them. They can mask their illness and can mask how they cope. They are silent creatures with their own moods and differences. I am glad I had the time to grow and learn with them.

I got reminded of Watership down, a book and movie I loved as a kid. I always loved rabbits and the way they behave. Rabbits are not simple creatures, and are always misunderstood. I always wondered why people tend to dumb them down to just being gifts or easter presents for their children, they are not that cheap and they are not that simple. Yet people tend to hurt them in an emotional way, discarding them and keeping them only as an "item" watership down will always be one of my favorite storys and one that will always intrigue me.

Cookie (Aug 15th 2022- March 13th 2024)

I found cookie as a dumped rabbit in a park at around spring time. I assumed he was dumped because he was an easter gift or he simply could not be taken care of. Cookie had a brother who was taken in by a different family. Cookie was the cutest rabbit I ever seen and he looked like my childhood rabbit ester. I loved him so much and made sure i could give him all he needed. I made sure he lived in a happy home. Cookie was abandonded and that made me relate to him so much, he was not shy but nervous of me and everything else. But over time he grew to love everyone and everything around him. He would show that by doing big rabbit binkys and lick peoples hands and faces when he wanted to have head pats. Cookies last days were filled with love and constant attention. The time i spent with cookie was cuddled up in my arms and picking him up so he can lick my nose. He loved being held and loved sleeping next to me on my bed.

Banana (Aug 2nd 2023- March 13th 2024)

My mom and my sister found Banana at a flee market. They found him there in a semi-crammed cage and when everyone went to look at the other rabbits he was with they all ignored banana. And when he was the last bunny there my sister decided it was best to take him. He did not like being held or petted so much like cookie did but he enjoyed others company. He enjoyed exploring and liked to make tons of noise, and when he made noise we gave him as much attention he needed. He was still a baby compared to cookie. Banana was the cutest lionhead I ever had to be around, with the funniest face ever.

The things they loved.

Cookie and Banana loved treats! just like any other rabbit. Their favorite treats were Strawberry, Apples, Dried graped and carrots. They would sometimes have small and limited amounts of natural fruit juice, apple juice. Their diets consisted of Hay, They loved Alfalfa hay and enjoyed chewing on hard wood toys. They liked to run around for 3 hours and sleep for 40 minutes after 3 hours of run time. They liked to have stuffed animals around them when they would be outside. I would always consider sharing my fruits with them whenever I would have any. One small fact about cookie is that pink roses were his favorite type of rose to eat. And Banana would love anything you could give him, he never was a picky rabbit.

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