The website is still being reworked for now(THERE ARE A LOT OF ISSUES RIGHT NOW ON MY SITE, NOT CHROME FRIENDLY)

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Welcome to my website.

Welcome to rural rose. You are now viewing the personal website of corey (me!). When viewing this site please be aware that it may look different across devices. This was mostly coded on firefox, other browsers may display things akwardly.

Rural Rose a website that takes inspiration from obscure horror video games. It takes from a lot of outside inspirations too, like abandonded areas, rural areas and old run down buildings. My website takes from old internet web designs.

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Current Movie/TV reviews☆

Movie reviewsthat I am currently working on: Henry Portrait of a serial killer. A movie based on the real life killer, Henry Lee Lucas. It delves into a lot of information, so if you plan on reading this article please note that there will be spoilers. Other movies and tv shows will be added soon.

Current Book reviews☆

Book reviews that I am currently working on: Comic books that i have read and picked up from the library. Currently one comic book I fully completed was Watchmen. I wanna talk about Watchmen and even watch the series and movie, this entire franchise is so interesting.

Current music reviews☆

Music reviews that I am currently working on: Music genres that I have been delving into as of recent. I wanna talk about what I stumbled upon and see what other think of it too.

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